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Image of Shaving Bowl Made To Order Starry Night Dottie No Recess Shaving Bowl by Symmetrical Pottery

Shaving Bowl Made To Order Starry Night Dottie No Recess Shaving Bowl by Symmetrical Pottery

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Get your own Symmetrical Pottery DSB™

If your a wet shaving enthusiast we've created the ultimate accessory for you.
This Dottie shaving bowl will give you more lather than you've ever seen. The texture of the dots whips tons of air into your shaving soaps lather. The bowl can also be placed in your sink filled with warm water to keep the soap warm.

Designed and decorated by Angi Pogue-Reed and wheel thrown by Scott Reed

5-3/4" wide x 3" high (approx).

Glazed in sapphire blue over a mottled brown.

Brush NOT included


Custom/Made To Order takes 12 weeks +- from time of order before shipping.
Absolutely no refunds or cancellations on made to order items.

Dottie Shaving Bowl design © Symmetrical Pottery 2012 DSB™

Recent Feedback About This Product

Scott and Angi: I have been shaving with a Double Edge (D/E) razor for two years and created my own lather stirring an excellent shaving soap with a badger brush and a shaving or palm cup. I used my Symmetrical Dottie Shaving Bowl (DSB) this morning for the first time. It made a huge difference in the thickness of my lather which gave me extra protection from razor cuts or burn. I have read that a good lather is developed with an excellent shaving soap and lots of water and oxygen. The surface of my DSB is extremely wide (6+ inches) which combined with the unique dots really enhanced the oxygen that created a supreme lather. I really like the cup in the bottom of the DSB which captured lather that I could also scoop up in my brush. The weight is perfect and the handle is easy to hold in one hand while swirling the brush on the DSB surface with the other hand. I look forward to using this awesome Symmetrical DSB for lots of years until my shaving brushes wear out and then I buy some more brushes... Highly recommend that my peer DE razor users purchase this innovative shaving bowl. Your lather and shaved face will both thank you! Thank you Scott and Angi for your innovative and beautifully painted DSB product.
Albuquerque, NM

All our pottery is either wheel thrown or hand built and decorated by the two of us in our Jupiter Florida pottery studio. No outsourcing is done, period.

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